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A male is annoying. It is also a waste of your time if you have a headache or are sick. How do you get rid of it?

The reason you feel so miserable after a night of sagging is loss of moisture. The alcohol extracts moisture from your body and you get a headache. When your body breaks down the alcohol, breakdown products are released that make you nauseous. That the alcohol irritates your stomach lining also does not help.

What does not work?

Some people like to eat eggs when they have a hangover or take a multivitamin. If you do not feel well, you should do what you like best, but these things do not help against loss of fluids and they do not cause your liver to break down and process the alcohol faster. This also applies to so-called anti-hangover pills or detox drinks. So wait until your liver has finished cleaning up or better still: do not drink too much.

What works?

Prevention is better than cure. The best remedy for a hangover is therefore: do not drink. Be the BOB and enjoy your fit morning. Do you want to drink alcohol, but not a hangover? Then think in advance how much you want to drink, and then you can keep it more easily. Keep a large bottom in your glass, so you can easily skip a round. Furthermore, it is important to avoid a moisture shortage. Exchange each glass of alcohol with a glass of water, so that your fluid balance is maintained. Alternatively, drink a lot of water at home. The next morning you often need extra drinks. It is said that you should not drink coffee, because you dry out of it, but that is not true.

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