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There’s nothing like wine to give a meal a lift. Whether it’s a midweek meat loaf or an elegant dinner, an appropriate wine enhances every occasion.

The glasses that hold wine can contribute to the enjoyment, too. Ordinary tumblers or fine crystal, simple, clear glassware shows off the rich red of Claret or Burgundy and the crystalline quality of the white wines.

Graceful wine glasses come in various shapes and sizes, nearly every price range. They can be used singly or in sets, depending on the meal, the table setting and the extent of the hostess’ wine glass wardrobe.

Many people don’t care about keeping a large supply of glassware. For these hostesses, all-purpose wine glasses are the answer. The all-purpose white glass has an eight or nine-ounce tulip shaped bowl with plenty of room for a generous serving of wine and space above for the delicious aroma. Stems may be short or long. These glasses usually are filled a little over halfway for serving table wine, a little less than half for appetizer or dessert wines. The all-purpose glass presents any kind of wine attractively, any time of day or night. And this is a glass you can live with comfortably. It’s sturdy enough to enhance any table and inexpensive enough to be available to everyone who enjoys wine. This is the glass recommended by the wine growers of California and other authorities throughout the world.

Often, the all-purpose wine glass is first to make its appearance on the family table. Because of its versatility, the all-purpose glass is an excellent basic in a stemware wardrobe. As people enjoy wine more and more, they may add another glass to their repertoire. This next addition may be stately tulip shaped Champagne glasses or the hollow-stemmed saucer type Champagne glass. Since Champagne is often served for celebrations, special glasses add a touch that helps make the occasion and the wine memorable.

Deep, narrow appetizer or dessert wine glasses are another second or third purchase among hostesses adding to their glassware collections.

This is the traditional Sherry glass. Its shape is appealing and it accommodates a two to three ounce serving with ease.

Tall, slender-stemmed Rhine wine glasses enrich a wineglass wardrobe while adding elegance to a table. They seem to make the delicate chilly flavor of Riesling and other Rhine-type wines even more enjoyable. Rounded bowls show off the wine’s subtle light straw color or pale greenish tones. The extra-long stems keep fingers from warming the chilled wine.

Other white wine glasses have shorter stems and longer bowls than the Rhine wine glasses. Holding between five and eight ounces, white wine glasses are used for the Sauterne type wine usually served, as Rhine wines are with seafood, chicken, eggs and light main course dishes.

Red wine glasses hold from six to nine ounces. In shape and capacity they are very much like the all-purpose wine glasses, although the stems are usually longer. When you’re ready to expand your wineglass wardrobe in all directions, it’s time to examine some of the spectacular glasses that go beyond the usual collection. These are great balloon-shaped Burgundy glasses on tall stems, and voluminous tulip-shaped Claret glasses. They look lavish on the table. And they’re fun. Particularly for the lady whose house specialty is beef bourguignon or succulent standing rib.

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