Charitable Giving

Being that we’re still a young business, we’re still working on our charitable focus. We have decided, like our cousin The Blue Room, to focus on just a few special organizations and concentrate the whole of our efforts on those few. But, just like any good small business, we feel it necessary to give little bits here and there too. Below you’ll find our major effort and our little “bits” too, all of which grow day by day as we become passionate about a cause.


The Di Vilardi Fund for Patient Care at Tufts Medical Center 

The crew up at the Breast Health Center at Tufts is bursting with positivity and delight. They take the fear and anxiety of the disease and turn it into empowerment. When we first met up with Cate, Liz and Dr. Graham we realized that while finding a cure is absolutely necessary, the people dealing with the disease today need support and funds too. Who can help you get compression sleeves when the insurance company won’t? Who gets you breast prosthesis and surgical bras when you’re homeless and recovering from a mastectomy? How do you get a wig, and a good one at that, if you’re going through chemo? And what if you just want to talk with a group about it and have a nice cup of coffee while you do it? The team at the Breast Health Center does it all and so far our efforts in the last four years have rounded up $25,000 for Cate, Liz and Dr. Graham to accomplish those awesome tasks for their patients that are dealing with cancer now.


Community Servings

Community Servings is a not-for-profit food and nutrition program providing services throughout Massachusetts to individuals and families living with critical and chronic illnesses. We give our clients, their dependent families, and caregivers appealing, nutritious meals, and send the message to those in greatest need that someone cares. Our goals are to help our clients maintain their health and dignity and preserve the integrity of their families through free, culturally appropriate, home-delivered meals, nutrition education, and other community programs.

McKinley School Garden to Lunch Project

Our friend Catherine has shed so much light on our lives through her work with children. In the last 7 years particularly while she’s been the Program Director at The McKinley Prep High School in the Fenway. It’s not like high school isn’t hard enough already, but imagine if yours didn’t even have a cafeteria? It started with a little something called “The Breakfast Club” where a group of students decided to start cooking breakfast for their classmates in the morning to now a full-scale attempt to get a school lunch program off the ground. Our start: get Stacey Daley (organic farmer extraordinaire) from Central Bottle and Nick and Liz from The Blue Room to start a vegetable garden in the Victory Garden at the Fenway. Thanks to the McKinley Prep High School teachers who procured the spot, we got to cleaning it up and in the spring we’ll be planting veggies for the kids to grow and then store until school starts. Fund raising planning is underway!