Dave knew by the age of four that he wanted to be an architect (no “now what do I do with my life” worries for him!) and he’s approached most his desires in that same manner. With that big decision out of the way, he could focus on all the other fun stuff— the icing so to speak—and, in true Renaissance man fashion, he now plays the violin, speaks fluent Italian, cycles like Lance (although he still yearns for a 1966 Schwinn Stingray), grills to perfection all the meat Maureen hurls at him and still reads the 1985 edition of Hugh Johnson’s The World Atlas of Wine—the book that first sparked his desire to start collecting. The growing number of bikes and wine bottles finally forced them to move out of their cozy Fenway apartment into a house… with a garage. You’ll find him quietly stocking our shelves, making his beautifully designed shop even nicer to look at. You’ll recognize his other beautiful work at www.trhutharchitects.com where he's had a hand at the designs of a number of local restaurants.