Liz has a palate that can pick up the finest nuances in a wine, whether it’s a prized Piedmontese Nebbiolo or an everyday Tuscan red. She’s our resident “super taster” with a twist—this chick comes with a killer memory and encyclopedic wine knowledge that impresses and charms. And just where did all this charm come from… well, Liz is from Texas, and like all good Texans, she tells it like it is—no mincing of words, just the straight up, god honest truth. If Liz says the wine is good, then the wine is good, no ifs, ands, or buts—she simply “gets” the wine.

Sometimes Liz will describe a wine as being “fussy out of the bottle”—well, Liz is fussy too and we’re better off for it. She’s our wine pro, our Jancis (without the English accent), our Hugh (without the snobbery), our Julia (without the tv show… well, not yet)… because, you see, all seriousness aside, Liz has a delicious sense of humor and a wicked appetite for all the good stuff—wine, food, song and laughter. The only thing missing, though, is the big hair, and for some strange reason that only she knows, Liz left it deep in the heart of Texas.