Maureen was most recently, and best known to the city of Cambridge, as the General Manager of The East Coast Grill from 1996 to 2005. When she first started at The Blue Room in 1994, her stomach hurt for three weeks until it got used to this new type of cuisine (just what the heck is grilled shad roe!?) and she would wake Dave up from a sound sleep when she got home late at night because of the “campfire” smell that had permeated her flesh… now she slow smokes her own bacon on her back porch and makes her own sausage and goes by the motto “Every day’s a party at the Rubino Meat Packing Plant!”

She ate so much foie gras the night before one New Year’s Eve (checking out the festive menu at the East Coast Grill) that her appendix burst (coincidence?!)—it was the only New Year’s Eve she had off in years, although she doesn’t remember it.

In Venice, she ate more food than the other three combined and was disappointed when they’d leave her to go to bed at 2:00 a.m. (“just one more baby octupus Liz—you’re eating for two!”)

While enjoying all these culinary treats over the years, she picked up some pretty good wine knowledge too, so if you need the right food and wine pairing, ask Maureen and she’ll guide you to that right bottle… because, of course, she too believes that nothing goes better with liver and fava beans than a good Chianti.