Lisa Collins

cheesemonger, cheese lady, cheese

Lisa’s natural sense of organization and humor have made her the perfect cheesemonger for Central Bottle. With her wry smile and a rolodex of tasting notes neatly filed in her head on both cheese and wine, Lisa makes great pairings and laughter happen all the time! She grew up in the small town of Townsend, Ma and made her way to Central Bottle via many restaurants (first stepped into one at 15!) including two of our own—The Blue Room and Belly Wine Bar.

While managing Belly, Lisa began to fall harder and harder for cheese as she oversaw Belly’s extensive program. Call it an evil plot on our part, but we were all too happy to convince Lisa to really indulge her talents here at Central Bottle. Having left her studies in social work behind to make a full time go of cheesemongering, Lisa still believes in togetherness; be it over cheese and wine or lending a helping hand to others in need.