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We can help you with the impending special occasions, bonus, hostess/host gift or thank you. We want to offer a modern, updated version of the clunky old gift basket filled with items based on specific guidelines you set or we can be creative on your behalf.

So, in our rebellious but sustainable nature we have chosen a tasteful stainless steel colander to fill with the following interesting, tasty and novel treats:

wine (duh), port, sherry + beer
Olio Taibi organic extra virgin olive oil
various artisanal + local cheeses
Biellese Salume
Salumeria Olli
Potters Crackers
Mast Brothers Chocolate
Vadboncoeur nougat candy
House Jarred (at The Blue Room)

  • italian plum + concord grape jam
  • holmes farm cranberry mostarda
  • red sauce
  • spice rubs
  • heirloom organic Cape tomatoes
  • pickled rhubarb
  • nuts + honey (with Carlisle Raw Honey)

The Blue Room Biscotti
Malden Sea Salt
Pasta Setaro
Bonny Doon Ver Juice

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