Melted cheese to dip bread, fruit, vegetables, cardboard... I mean really what doesn't taste good covered in cheese?

Call ahead and let us know how many you might be and we'd be happy to put a few "kits" together for you-so no matter if it's two of you or sixteen of you, call and let us hook you up. 

Fondue Kit - 18 oz of cheese | $22

(three to four for dinner - the awesome cable knit sweaters are free baby)

meet 70s fondue chic

What comes around... goes around.  Yeah baby! So while it isn't officially back - it still tastes delicious.

There's nothing like melted Springbrook Farm Reading Raclette with traditional Emmentaler + Gruyere to compliment the snowy backdrop of winter.

Plus, it is fun with friends.  And we thought this picture was totally hilarious...