Outdoor Market Table


We've got some serious goodies out on that table! Every Thursday, Friday + Saturday. We were hoping to bring to Cambridge those sweet little sidewalk markets you encounter on your trips in Siena, Paris or that other memorable little town you visited on that trip years ago. 

We'll see you when the sun's out!

In the Summer on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from
2 to 6pm


meet provisions


Here's what you'll find:

-Stacey's seasonal house jarred jams
-McAvoy Ranch olives
-Iggy's Baquette (fresh every a.m.)
-Bay End Farm farm fresh flowers
-Bay End Farm veggies - seasonal
-Conservas Ortiz Tuna in Evoo
-Sfoglini Pasta from Brooklyn
-Community Grains Organic Red Flint Polenta
-Community Grains Dried Runner Cannellini Beans
-Govino Glasses 

Ever rotating as we love when the micro-seasons change!