We make traditional Italian panini each day. The panini are room temperature with three different versions available daily.  We like to keep the panini simple; we use simple ingredients featuring our products in the shop. So, we're sure to have some salumi and some cheese. We almost always include a vegetarian panini for those not feeling up to the cure and in the winter we like to augment it all with some grilled cheese.

monday thru friday, noon–whenever)

(that's so italian, isn't it)

**For orders of 5 or more sandwiches (to pick up or have delivered) we require 48 hours notice. 

meet italian panino culture

Not unlike McDonalds here in the US, the Autogrill reins supreme as the fast food joint to check out when driving along the autostrada (that and the gypsies). The thing that is so intriguing to us is the idea that prosciutto, or any cured meat for that matter, can be considered something to consume casually.  You just pop in and there is this "gourmet" item for everyone, and when you think about it, that's how it should be. So stop by and enjoy some delicious cheese and cured meat casually - everyday even.  We won't talk about you when you're gone.