pasta kits

So what's in this kit anyway?

1 750ml bottle of Central Bottle's Organic Olive Oil produced by Olio Taibi
1 bottle of, yup why not, '09 Badia a Coltibuono Chianti
1/2 pound of Cravero 24 month parmigiano reggiano
1 16 oz jar of homemade red sauce from Stacey at Central Bottle
1 kilo of Bucatini from Pasta Setaro
1 Central Bottle four-bottle wine bag 

now all you need are friends, a large appetite and big bowls to mangia! OK maybe some guanciale too..

Pasta Kits   $75

meet pasta setaro

Considered to be the best dried pasta available in Italy according to media and gourmet experts Pasta Setaro rules the dried pasta market. The reasons are simple: 1) The know how of 100 years; the fourth generation company is the oldest in Torre Annunziata (Naples) and the only one survived to a number of recessions. 2) The blending of the best durum available on the market today. 3) The extrusion of the pasta with bronze dies that gives that rough surface to keep the sauces and the color is light yellow. 4) The drying process at low temperature between 36 & 40 degrees Celsius can last from 36 to 120 hours depending on the pasta shape and weather conditions, and this helps to keep all the vitamins and protein. And by drying it at low temperatures, it keeps the flavor and texture. The way it cooks, the bite that it keeps — it’s something special!  5) We can strongly state that the “Setaro” is truly a pasta made in the “old fashion way”. www.setaro.it