Picnic Basket Rentals


With a mere 24 hours notice we can pack up our sweet little picnic trunk and have it ready for you and a friend to run off and enjoy a late morning, afternoon or early evening picnic.  

It's simple. Call and tell us you'd like to reserve a picnic basket. We'll take a deposit on your credit card to hold it and have it ready for you on the day and time you wish. 


What your basket comes with:

-olympic provisions saucisson sec
-iggy’s small baguette 
-weybridge (cow’s milk - VT) 
-landaff (cow’s milk - NH) 
-housemade fig jam 
-mcevoy ranch (CA) tuscan table olives 
-mast brothers chocolate bar 
-saratoga still water 28 fl. oz 
-libation select one: red, white, rose, sparkling or beer(s)


If you have any dietary restrictions or aversions please call to inquire. We can easily tailor the basket to your needs. Want to add more people - we can do that too!

We ask for a return of your basket to Central Bottle within 48 hours of your rental.

It's simple. It's delicious and the art of the picnic should be had by more people, more often. So, get out there and picnic. Let us do your bidding. 

Picnic Basket Rental for Two    $75


THE FINE PRINT: a credit card number is maintained on file as a deposit until basket is returned. items included with picnic basket and to be returned: cloth napkins, corkscrew, mini cheese knife, wooden cutting board, wine glasses, plates, silverware. If you should break or lose anything a charge will be added to replace those items at the time of drop off.  

meet the picnic

Iconic for, oh ever, the picnic is something we all yearn to plan but never really seem to pull off. You've got no basket, no wine, no bread, no cheese, no nothin'. Well, let us help.  

Wikipedia calls the picnic a "pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors", c'mon, who doesn't want to do that. Summer is half gone and even though we'll admit we love the season change, we are working hard to savor the heat, keep the flip-flops alive and enjoy our tan and even into fall we like the idea of finding a field of pumpkins and asking to join their row. 

The word pique-nique first appeared in print in 1692 and the term was used to describe a group of people dining in a restaurant who brought their own wine. Now, if that isn't relevant then we don't know what is! All in all the activity is associated with eating, drinking and conversation.