order your cheese platter

We all wish we could open our office fridge or our home pantry and have the inside of Central Bottle located inside, but sometimes dreams don’t come true. However, with a little planning and some deliberate measures you can get Central Bottle home or to the office with an Artisan Cheese Platter. Pick your poison and then give us a ring. 

Artisan Cheese Platters

Our platters are designed to feed 10 people. Each platter comes with Iggy’s Baguette and house-made accoutrements.

CB Simple: Three classic cheeses. Mild in flavor across the selection. $75

Frenchie: Classic French cheeses and classic French charcuterie. This selection includes two traditional French cheeses, a selection of cured meats and New England Charcuterie paté. $110

The Italian Job: Three Italian cheeses ranging in texture, milk + taste along with two salumi. $95

Northeastern Idyll: All cheeses are hand crafted in the Northeast. This platter offers the absolute best of the best from local cheesemakers. $125

To order these custom platters use the form below to order online or call 617.225.0040. We ask for 48 hours notice please.