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Most people know what clean eating is, but in case you don’t know or not sure, eating clean means eating a greater amount of the healthiest foods while making the best food choices based on nutrition and what is healthiest for your body. Eating clean also means eating less of sugars and many of the processed foods you see in the grocery stores. It also means that it is best to reduce the number of unhealthy fats, refined grains, and salt from your diet. Eating clean is also about eating foods with a greater amount of sustenance—foods that are not prepackaged or refined. Here are 5 tips that you may want to keep in mind about what it means to eat clean.

1) Stay away from processed foods. Foods like yogurt and any kind of veggies are the best substitutes for eating processed foods. When we talk about processed foods, examples that may come to mind are tv dinners, hot pockets, breaded fish sticks. Those foods have no nutritional value.

2) Limit your sodium intake. You will not be able to avoid sodium in everything you eat. But, you can avoid adding extra sodium to the foods you cook. Use crisp herbs instead of salt for flavoring.

3) Eat more veggies. You can never go wrong with eating more veggies. Vegetables are full of vitamins: A, K, C, which helps keep your bones strong. Vegetables are also high in fiber, which will help keep you full longer. They are also very low in calories. You may want to try eating some carrots, peppers with some hummus.

4) Eliminate as much saturated fat as you can. It’s best to stick to eating foods such as olive oil, avocados and nuts and fish high in Omega 3 fatty acids.

5) Reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol contains a lot of calories that can contribute to weight gain. Drink alcohol in moderation. Some alcoholic drinks contain tons of sugar.

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