You like wine a little, you drink it with a straw—you don’t have time to shop for it and you don’t have your own personal cellar - yet. You may not require highly allocated wines, but you want to be exposed to what is out there and not just the everyday. So, where does that leave you? Well, at the very least you can join Central Bottle Miscellany or at the most, join Lay It Down

Not sure you like either you can always just join Central Bottle Cheese Club. It's yummy and it's non-alcoholic. If you want to make it alcoholic, join Plus 1. We've got options, if nothing else...


Central Bottle Miscellany 

3 bottles/month

Each month we choose three wines that have come across our path that we think together could make your dining table a bit bolder, a bit funkier and your palate a bit more educated.  They will vary, but they will certainly aim to please. so pull the trigger...


Plus 1

(goes with cheese club) 

For cheese club we thought it would be fun to pair one wine with our cheese of the month. Designed around a driving principle in the shop of “just one” we thought each month we can introduce you to one delicious cheese and it’s delicious wine or beer counterpart. 


Lay It Down

1 Bottle/MONTH

A wine club designed to bring small production, hard to find or highly allocated wines to people who are interested in building their wine collection. Once you receive these wines it is up to you what to do. Cellar and age? Create momentous menus and drink them with your friends?   Over the course of the year it is our intention to build for you twelve distinct, delicious and varying (country, varietal) wines.