Institut Agricole Regional Vin des Chanoines 2008

With approximately 40-45 different grapes under their watchful research eye the Institut Agricole Regional has worked very hard to produce wines that express where the grapes are from as much as they want to express how they taste.  Above is one of their very beautiful, very ready for harvest Pinot Noir vines.  It is, of course, no surprise that our Friday Wine Pick is indeed made mostly of these beautiful berries.  And not just beautiful berries, but from very special, practically disappearing vineyards.  Specifically, a vineyard with a small stone footbridge or "chanoines" houses these particular grapes.  

The 2008 Institut Agricole Regional Vin des Chanoines smells fresh with dried cherry, minerals and a slight hint of smoke.  The palate is light to mid-weight, yet has density from the Petit Rouge and a fresh-bowl-of-cherries juiciness from the Pinot Noir. Please, oh pretty please, give it a slight chill in the fridge when you decide to enjoy this gem.  

Vin des Chanoines   $17 a bottle


meet the institut

Institut Agricole Regional
Started in the early 50s as a two year agricultural school for locals to go to to learn about the land, the Institut became a full fledged five year viticultural school in 1993.  It boasts viticulture, pomology and agronomy as its major focuses.

As it concerns wine, the Institut is championing the cultivation of indigenous varietals that many simply abandoned. They have spent time and money acquiring vineyards with great soil compositions and sun exposure so that when they bring to us grapes like Cornalin, it is the very best example we could experience.  Also worth trying: Premetta, Muller Thurgau, Pinot Gris, Petit Arvine, Gamay and Petit Rouge.