Poderi Il Saliceto Lambrusco di Sorbara "Falistra" 2012

Essentially, we find ourselves wanting to provide you with lots of information about he wine, the process and the land.  Here, it is really quite simple.  As describe the the right, Gian Paolo and his brother in law, Marcello Righi, decided to flee their current lives in more traditional professions for wine making.  

They set out to make very traditional, honest wine.  They use very little in the way of "modern" winemaking techniques or tools.  They are not adverse to it, but have not totally deldde into it yet - a little at a time.  They tend to the vines so that they make responsible decisions in the vineyard. They really try to let the grapes speak for themselves.  They still bottle and label in the their basement.

This is the kind of stuff we love. We love it because it has heart, it has honesty and it has drive. We love it because they make damn fine wine these guys, which of course, makes it easier to love. We love that the world has gotten small enough that we can drink Podere Il Soliceto's super small production across the ocean in Massachusetts. Wow.

So, you will love Podere Il Saliceto's Lambrusco di Sorbara called "Falistra" because it's delicious. It's a breath of fresh air, it's unusual and it's enchanting. It taste perfectly ripe and tart. Made from Lambrusco di Sorbara and bottle fermented, this wine tastes good alone, it taste good with cheese, it tastes good with salume, it tastes good in the bath tub... you get the picture.  

Falistra   $22 a bottle

meet the winemaker

GianPaolo Isabella
On the outskirts of Modena in the tiny village of Campogalliano is the small estate of Podere il Saliceto. GianPaolo Isabella is most known as a decorated Muay Thai champion though he is a gentle winemaker both in the vineyard and the cellar. In 2005 he and his brother in law Marcello were driven to follow their passion for all things wine and founded the 4 hectare estate they now operate together.

As producers of lambrusco they are dedicated to working with the classic local grape varieties such as Lambrusco di Sorbara and Salamino but they also work with the uncommon Malbo Gentile variety. All -the agriculture is done organically and natural vinification and re-fermentations take place in bottle to make their lambrusco’s. A plot of sauvignon blanc is also planted and made into a petillant naturel wine. The Malbo gentile in vinified by itself in old oak barrels and produces a dark and savory wine capable of aging for 5-10 years.
(this info provided by their MA importer SelectioNaturel)